What We Do

We create trips that challenge the thinking, inspire the emotions, broaden the background, touch the spirit and are FUN.

Makor is Open Minded, Fun, Versatile, Original and Creative.


Makor means Source. Makor offers Israel experiences that go to the source, wherever the source may be found. In this sense, it is radical travel. Makor searches out the roots of sites, the origins of stories, what is unique and original in the people that make up this special land. Just as a good journalist wants to get to THE SOURCE, a serious educational travel experience must dig deep under the surface for clues and leads. That is what we do at Makor.

Open Minded

At Makor we spend a significant part of each year on the road trying to find new people and new places that nobody knows about, but who are, nevertheless, people of substance, making their mark on Israeli life. We are Zionists in the broad sense of the word and have no political or religious ideology. We do, however, have an educational ideology to open up Israel and the Jewish World to everyone. Great education, like great journalism, can’t have ideological blinders.


Fun is a serious issue at Makor. We search out adventures which bring smiles and make for good memories. Biking, Jeeping and ATVing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Hiking, Rafting, getting lost in Escape Rooms, Arts and Crafts, Group Challenges and even nice walks along the beach – all age appropriate and geared for having a great time.


Makor specializes in versatility. Makor prides itself in being able to speak almost any language that you will find here in Israel: the language of the right wing and peace activists, the language of secular spirituality and religious pluralism, the language of the Ultra-Orthodox community fighting to preserve a traditional Jewish lifestyle, the languages of peace and conflict – of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians – and any of the other multitude of voices that make up the mosaic of Israeli society.


In modern Hebrew “Makor” has a nuance that means “original.” We look for the most possible original ideas to begin our planning process – we don’t re-invent the wheel where it is tried and true, but we will always look for an original approach to any project we address. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ ideas and translating them into original, workable and enriching itineraries.


Just because someone doesn’t know a lot about Israel doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have the tools to understand. Tour educators, creators and facilitators will work hard to meet you where you are, and then to take you to where you want to go. That takes creativity. At Makor, we try to grab the creative impulse that comes from a big picture, deep exploration and of course, a willing spirit.

“If you will it , it is no dream”

Theodore Herzl