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Resources: Annexation-Sovereignty@2020


Maps and Analysis

The Washington Institute

Israeli Annexation in the West Bank? Scenarios and Implications

Mapping West Bank Annexation: Territorial and Political Uncertainties 

Annexing West Bank territory was once a taboo for Israel. No longer

Interactive Map comparing various proposals over the past 25 years 


Institute for National Security Studies (@ Tel Aviv University)

Israel Policy Forum – In Favor of  Negotiated Two State Solution

Ribonut – the Movement for Implementing Israeli Sovereignty

Trump Plan – Peace to Prosperity


Mixed Signals on Israeli Annexation Reflect Split Among Officials, The New York Times

Possible Gulf State Reaction, Foreign Policy

Differing Opinions in Israel’s Right Wing Camp

Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi in favor of applying Israeli sovereignty in the context of the Trump plan  

Yossi Dagan, Shomron Regional Council Mayor, in favor of annexation of as much land as possible but rejects the Trump plan

 Centrist Opposition to the Annexation

Yossi Klein Halevy against Annexation

 Left Wing Opposition to Annexation

Shlomo Avineri against Annexation

External (to Israel) Opinion Pieces Published in Israeli Newspapers

John Hagee in Haaretz in favor of annexation  

UAE Ambassador to Washington Yousef Al Otaiba in Yediot Ahronot against Annexation

Palestinian and Arab world  Views

Khalil Shekaki reflecting on Palestinian Society and the Annexation

The National – UAE feature page on Annexation


News Websites

Times of Israel 


The Jerusalem Post 


Israel National News


Wafa News Agency (Palestinian Authority)

Palestinian News Network 


Please Note: The material above is intended to enhance knowledge and provide information from a variety of sources  – This is a limited selection of a myriad of voices, omission or inclusion of any specific source is no reflection of any  political or ideological bias. This page will be updated with new material at https://makorjourneys.com/resources-annex-2020/