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Israel 614

Sep 8, 2020 - Sep 13, 2020

JEWISH COLUMBUS is excited to announce an opportunity to see Israel like you never have before
Bridging the Gaps
Led by Rabbi Elka Abrahamson

Thank you for your interest in traveling to Israel with JewishColumbus! The itinerary is going to be fantastic, and we will publish it very soon.
In the meantime, you can register for the trip via the Registration button in order to secure your spot. The $500 deposit is fully refundable.

Full itinerary will be published soon.


We are blessed beyond measure to live in an era of Jewish history with a flourishing and astonishing State of Israel. At 71 years since the establishment of the modern state, Israel is young enough to know the joys of youthful tikvah-hope, and mature enough to understand that its history and geographic neighborhood provide complex challenges that have confounded Israel’s leaders.


In addition to external dangers that threaten its physical existence, its growing political, religious, communal and ethnic divides compromise its spiritual health from within.  Many of these challenges have simmered for decades just beneath the surface.  However, the community of values-driven social entrepreneurs endeavoring to address the gaps, lift up and advance those on the margins of society is growing.  They are committed to building a just, civil and shared society.


The JewishColumbus Israel 614 mission is crafted to take participants “into the gaps,” where we will meet many thought-leading Israelis, in the public and private sectors, who are committed to working toward positive change.  We will experience how those who created, and benefited, from the “start-up nation” are applying what they learned to the betterment of peripheral populations and the society at large.  We will learn with experts about the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. We will have the unique opportunity to engage with members of the Israel Wexner Fellowship, some of Israel’s most intriguing figures.


This mission is also designed to give you time to enjoy several nights in two of Israel’s leading luxury hotels, experience many tastes of its new culinary scene, and have time to relax, walk, shop, and converse with other leaders of JewishColumbus.

                Final pricing to be determined, based on completion of the itinerary.

There are no group flights organized for this tour.